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Good fishing season in Pinar del Rio Cuba
Almost ending the present year, this Pinar del Río entity has accomplished 138 % of the crustacean annual plan, which is equivalent to 2 399 tons, characterized by the good care of the catch and its repercussion in the industry requirements.

Currently, as the direction of the Company reported, fishing continues and the preparations for next campaign are underway despite the damage caused by hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

Tuna fishing is being accomplished at 91 percent so far with 697 tons, and they expect to reach the 765 on schedule, while in regard to the rest of the fish catch there are 1 171 tons, for 84 % of the plan, a non-accomplished task due to the priority given to lobster, but they continue fishing.

Of a 30 tons plan of oyster 53 were processed, equivalent to 177 percent of the annual plan.

All the entrepreneurial units accomplish their respective plans and among them La Coloma based-unit outstands for their work in all the fish species.

The most damaged zones in the southern part of the province were El Ramajo and Cayo Dios, but recovery tasks are taking place there to restore them fully.


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