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Cuba Prepared to Confront Gustav

Raúl sends message of encouragement to Pinar del Río given the imminent arrival of the hurricane Is informed of preparations in the capital.  Lage confirms actions to protect human lives and minimize economic damage. Read More

Hurricane Gustav: Category 3 Heading for Cuba

Hurricane Gustav, the seventh tropical storm of the 2008 season, has now become a hurricane with Category 3 in the Saffir-Simpson scale and now threatens to intensify to affect the western part of the island, which started its alarm stage Saturday early morning.<br /> Read More

In Pinar del Río, Cuba:The countryman of Luis Lazo Valley

In these lands is rescued the yellow malanga, lost in the Cuban fields.<br /> Partisan of the farmer philosophy that assures the land is like the guitar, since when the player is good, new melodies always emerge, peasant Pedro González is among the outstanding producers of Minas de Matahamabre municipality. Read More

Cuba Spreads Neurobrain Surgery by Endoscopy in several of its provinces

As a sample of the advance in the system of health, Cuba spreads the neurobrain surgery by means of the endoscopy in several of its provinces. Read More

In Pinar del Río, Cuba Grapes, more than exotic

Certain time a university professor specialized in agricultural topics and with a sharp polemicist’s reputation, lectured us on what to do to harvest in dry lands. Read More

TRAYCO environmental management recognized

The National Prize of the Republic of Cuba 2008, recently granted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment to the Construction Transport Enterprise of Pinar del Río TRAYCO, only entity with this title in the province along with other two in the country, endorses the option for the national environmental recognition that today occupies all of its workers. Read More

Young Cuban painter after the trace of the orchids

The secret of science becomes art in the hands of a young painter of Pinar del Río province, dedicated to illustrate the research made at Soroa Orchids Garden, Cuba’s biggest.<br /> Read More

Cuban Institute of Radio and Television it rewards to professionals of Pinar del Río, Cuba

The Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT) awards every year the Artist of Merit distinction. This prize means many years of excellent work both as a professional and as a person. Read More

In Pinar del Río Cuba the road of Guanahacabibes the but western of the roads

The will is the only certain thing in the middle of the loneliness of Guanahacabibes. They were not born here, either arrived -as many still do- after the fabulous treasures hiding in the entrails of the woods. Read More

Cuban cyclist Pedro Pablo Perez woke up from a comma this weekend

Cuban cyclist Pedro Pablo Perez woke up from a comma this weekend, several days after he suffered a traffic accident. Read More

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