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More Tourists Visit to Cayo Levisa in Cuba

Cayo Levisa, a tourist destination in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Río, has become a major attraction for foreign vacationers. Read More

Viñales National Park promotes the preservation and the rational use of the freshwater shrimp

Viñales National Park promotes in this territory of Pinar del Río the preservation and the rational use of the freshwater shrimp (Macrobrachium faustinum faustinum), due to the population decrease of this variety. Read More

Cuba: Over 3 000 Pinar physicians accomplish internationalist mission

About 3 100 Pinar doctors are currently giving medical assistance in 48 nations of Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Read More

Over 100 birds in Sierra del Rosario one of the six Biosphere Reserves in Cuba.

The environment of those eastern massifs of Guaniguanico mountain range, formed by two elevation chains, gathers a big potential of endemic, resident and migratory species, visible the whole year or in dependency of weather conditions, according to their category. Read More

In Pinar del Río, Cuba Extra size bats visible

The presence of the smallest and largest bats in the world characterizes the fauna of Pinar del Río province, with two of the six Biosphere Reserves of the country. Read More

More Efficiency for the industry of the Cuban Lobster

Encouraged by the end of the season, lobster fishermen in Pinar del Rio are working to increase efficiency and quality in catch and industry, following a rigorous technological discipline. Read More

Sandino, Pinar del Río shows Cuba’s largest lacustrine area

With 120 natural reservoirs, Sandino municipality, at the westernmost part of the island, is considered the largest lacustrine area of the country, damming 163 million cubic meters of fresh water. Read More

With more than 15 million loosened tobacco poles, the campaign 2007- 2008

With more than 15 million loosened tobacco poles, the campaign 2007- 2008 finalizes the details to take this phase to a happy ending next June 30, activity that in spite of being delayed for climate conditions augurs good results, thanks to the efforts of farmers and workpeople of the branch in Vueltabajo. Read More

In Cuba Pinar del Río and Andalusia review 10 years of brotherhood

The territorial priorities until year 2010 and the strategic projects along a decade of solidarity and brotherhood were evaluated by Pinar and Andalusia representatives, during a two-day session encounter at Hermanos Saíz University in the westernmost region of the island. Read More

Develops Oncoplastic Surgery in Pinar del Río, Cuba

Oncoplastic surgery has been performed in Pinar del Río province on patients with breast cancer, an innovative method that avoids the psychological effects after the tumor is removed by traditional means. Read More

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