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Tribute to Jilma Madera the sculptor of Havana Christ

Over 500 pieces made by the Cuban artist Jilma Madera (1915-2000), who made the famous Havana Christ, are on exhibition at the San Cristobal Museum in the western city of Pinar del Rio. Read More

Professor of Pediatrics and Renowned Cuban Pediatrician Jose R. Jordan Died in Havana

Considered a Notable Professor of Pediatrics for many generations of Cuban and foreign doctors, Jordan was a Professor Emeritus of Havana’s Medical University, and had the Christopherson Prize from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Carlos J. Finlay National Order, among many other awards granted to him during his fruitful career. Read More

In Cuba: Rice production strengthened

The province of Pinar del Río destines 34 500 tons of rice every year to the basic food basket, which is a guarantee for the present and next year, reported engineer Gilberto García Corrales, provincial director of non-specialized rice. Read More

Cuba: Intensive pediatrics outstands in Pinar del Río territorial hospital

Indicators of medical efficiency comparable to developed countries are reported from the intensive pediatrics ward of the general hospital Comandante Pinares, which also assists numerous rural areas. Read More

In Pinar del Rio, Cuba: San Cristobal Municipality Museum a Big Task for a Giant

According to an old saying when there is a will there is a way, of course as long as a little bit of will and resources are added to it, and so it is demonstrated by workers of San Cristobal municipality museum, which has remained closed for 21 years and will be reopened soon. Read More

Cuba: Pinar citizens defend the environment with less pollutant load

With a 10, 76 percent reduction of the pollutant load, that represents 2, 95 percent over the results obtained in 2006, Pinar del Río people show a significant contribution to the defense of the environment and put the province in an outstanding position along with Sancti Spirítus and Villa Clara. Read More

Pinar del Río, Cuba: Contributes with the 70 percent of the production of rice in the province at low prices.

The Popular Rice Movement, a way to obtain that product at low prices, contributes with the 70 percent of the production in the whole province, so it constitutes an initiative extended all over the country, several years ago. Read More

In Cuba: Celebrate May 17 the Farmers Day

Preceded by a deep balance process aimed at analyzing the accomplishment of the agreements taken in the IX Congress of the ANAP (National Association of Small Farmers) and at contributing to the intern functioning of the organization, Pinar del Río farmers celebrate a new anniversary of the first Agrarian Reform Law. Read More

The longest Rumba in Pinar del Río, Cuba

Cubadisco in Pinar del Río had a great display of talent last night with the longest Rumba in the World that started at 8:30 p.m and reached its peak with the performance of the folkloric band Magino of Bahía Honda, Obán Yoko and the members of the rumba yard, who joined their charisma in La Sitiera cultural institution of Pinar del Río city, venue of the Cubadisco. Read More

In Cuba: Soroa smells like chocolate flower in the summer

Native to tropical regions, the chocolate orchid is warm, aromatic and seductive, a summer adornment of Soroa Botanic Garden, Cubas major institution specialized in that ornamental species. Read More

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