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Petroglyph Cave: one of the cave art mysteries in Cuba

The Petroglyph Cave endures today among the mountainous regions of Viñales municipality, as one of the cave art mysteries in Cuba. Read More

Cubasolar, a renewable way to ensure the future

When oil no longer exists and the history of renewable energy began to be written, Cubasolar must be recalled, a community that gathers efforts and very willing people who trust in what they do: research, innovation and teachings for new generations. Read More

Acupuncture Used for Treatment of Uterine Fibroids in Cuba

The use of natural medicine, particularly acupuncture, in this province has broadened the treatment prospects for uterine fibroids, which affect one every three women in Cuba Read More

Uruguayans collaborate with a Cuban province

In the distance, from the freeway, they looked like weird birds high up on the tower. But there, the hard work was permanent and a fluttering Uruguayan flag showed us the spot.<br /> Read More

Cuban Crops Better after Hurricanes

Agriculture in Pinar del Rio, western Cuba, devastated by two hurricane last September, shows recovery as it triples vegetable production and expands into crops it never had before the storms. Read More

In Cuba: Medical University of Pinar del Río makes debut with 7th Scientific Conference

The University of Medical Sciences of this province, created recently by agreement 6591 of the Council of Ministers, holds their 7th Scientific Conference: The quality of professional training in primary health care. Read More

New Products by Los Portales S.A. in Cuba

The joint venture Los Portales S.A., which produces mineral water and soft drinks, has launched new products in the Cuban market.<br /> Read More

In Cuba: Pinar del Río museum keeps cartographic jewel

A map created in the western province in the middle of the 19th century, stands out of the historic heritage of the territory, given the identity of the author and the historic significance of the place represented on it.<br /> Read More

Tobacco Harvest in Pinar del Río, Cuba in Final Stage

The harvest of tobacco leaves in Pinar del Rio has entered its last stage, with great quality, thanks to the efforts made by the producers and the favourable weather.<br /> Read More

Typical Costumes from Asturias in Cuba

The Museum of History of Pinar del Río, Cuba's westernmost province, is hosting an exhibition of traditional costumes from Asturias, Spain. Read More

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