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Agri fair includes cultural activities at Pinar del Río province

An agricultural, commercial and gastronomic fair is to be held December 30 at Pinar del Rio, it is part of the activities for the new year's eve, reported Luis Homero Fernández Camejo, vice-president of the Provincial Administration Council.<br /> Read More

New Area in Soroa’s Orchid Garden at Pinar del Río province

From February 2010, the collections of Soroas orchid garden in Pinar del Rio, Cuba’s  largest area for this kind of flower will increase with a new exposition area dedicated to the Republic of Sri Lanka. <br /> Read More

Cohiba Cigar is Cuban, a legal dispute won at a U.S. court

Cuban enterprise Cubatabaco recently won a court order forbidding the American Company “General  Cigar” to continue using the COHIBA label in that country for its product. Read More

Guanahacabibes and Scuba Diving

The Maria la Gorda Scuba Diving International Centre and supply to vessels are priorities right now in the tourist development of the Guanahacabibes peninsula, a Biosphere Reserve. Read More

Polo Montañez Group sang for all at the Movie Festival

Sing again is the title of the documentary on Polo Montañez, by the group of audio-visual creation Producciones Villaverde, which competed in the 31st International New Latin American Movie Festival. Read More

Lowest infant mortality rate in Pinar del Río

The Latin American Medicine Day was marked in Pinar del Rio with the lowest infant mortality rate of its history, until the afternoon of December 2 it was at 3,9 per 1000 live births. Read More

Bird watching in Pinar del Río

To create an ornithological watching circuit is part of the agenda of scientists from several institutions of Pinar del Rio, province that treasures 75 percent of the birds present in Cuba. Read More

Unknown Polo Montanez's songs to be released

His group is going to play this music widely loved by the Cuban people that warmly called &quot;Guajiro Natural&quot; (Natural Countryman). Read More

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