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Production of sun panels for the Bolivarian Alternative Project, ALBA

The operation of a productive line that multiplies five times the present capacity of the Company of Electronic Components Ernesto Che Guevara, in Pinar del Rio, guarantees the supply of photovoltaic modules for the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of the Americas’ project. Read More

Artistic project for Down Syndrome children widens in Pinar del Rio

The artistic project Con amor y esperanza (With love and hope) aimed at teaching engraving techniques to Cuban children with Down syndrome, widens today to handicraft workshops that count on the participation of the parents as well. Read More

Reading, favourable for children with affection problems

Benefits reading brings to children with behaviour and affection issues are a fact in libraries of the province of Pinar del Rio, after the experience of Ramon Gonzalez Coro provincial library.<br /> Read More

Pinar del Río doctor saves twice a Venezuelan child

Pinar doctor Brisaida León, collaborator of the Barrio Adentro health care program, saved twice the life of Venezuelan kid Adriano Márquez. Read More

Pinar del Río doctors offer their service worldwide

Over 3 300 health care workers of Pinar del Rio are currently rendering service in some 49 nations of Latin America, Asia and Africa, helping the most isolated and poor people, said Juan Gabriel Camejo, official of the Collaboration department in Vueltabajo. Read More

Cuba strengthens houses to face hurricanes

Frequently hit hurricanes, the inhabitants of Pinar del Rio are constructing more resistant homes to face these atmospheric phenomena. Read More

New edition of Cirilo Villaverde’s book, a 19th Century writer

The edition of Trip to Vueltabajo, an original by Cirilo Villaverde, a notable XIX century writer from Pinar  del Rio, is the first title of the Phoenix Collection, new line of the Loynaz Editions publishing house.<br /> Read More

House building continues its growing trend in Pinar del Río province

The Construction Transport Enterprise TRAYCO of Pinar del Río has finished a whole figure of 259 houses as part of the Mambi project, reported engineer Osmel Delgado, Insurance director of the entity. Read More

Agri-Growers meet at Viñales valley

A regional meeting was held at Republica de Chile community in Viñales municipality, among growers dealing with the Urban Agriculture movement as a prioritized strategy towards food production for our people and their self supply. Read More

Mijail and Yarelis, best of the year in Pinar del Río province, once more

Cuban wrestler Mijaín López and discus thrower Yarelis Barrios were selected the best individual athletes of the year in Pinar del Rio, as it happened last year. Read More

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