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Cuba opens western strategic road in Guanahacabibes reserve

Cuban authorities opened a 39-mile road in the strategic peninsula of Guanahacabibes, in the country's western area that will benefit tourism development and national security plans.<br /> Read More

Cuba keeps tobacco cultural heritage at Viñales Valley

Relics of local architecture of homes at Viñales Valley are now being kept in their original appearance through an emergent program to preserve the charms of that Cuban landscape, Cultural Heritage of Humanity.<br /> Read More

A book about baseball man Pedro Luis Lazo to be published

A book entitled &quot;Pedro Luis Lazo, el Rascacielos de Cuba&quot; (Pedro Luis Lazo, the Cuban Skyscraper&quot;) about that pitcher of Pinar del Rio is to be published soon. Read More

Indigenous pictorial drawing found on Cuban mountain peak

The finding of a pictorial set typical from aboriginal culture in the Pan de Guajaibón, the greatest mountain in the Cuban western region, deepens today the enquiries of speleologists and historians from that well known mountain. Read More

Cuban naive painter to exhibit his work in Paris

Pinar painter Pedro Blanco Aroche, renowned exponent of Naïf art in the country is preparing an international exhibition of erotic art in Paris, along with other Cuban painters. Read More

First cinema dictionary made by Pinar del Río author

Film critic, essayist and scriptwriter Jose Alberto Lezcano is the author of El actor de cine: arte, mito y realidad (Movie actor: art, myth and reality) the first film dictionary published in Cuba, to be launched in the 19th International Book Fair of Havana. Read More

Excellent tobacco harvest promises good cigars as well

Angel Galá is harvesting excellent tobacco. His brigade, number 26th in Eliseo Caamaño cooperative production unit started to sow on October 20th and ended November 20th with the 105 000 seedlings scheduled.<br /> Read More

Gourriel and Despaigne, face to face

Sancti Spiritus visits Granma at Wilfredo Pagés stadium today. It means that Yuliesky Gourriel and Alfredo Despaigne will be face to face in a match that could wake them up offensively speaking. Read More

Orchids’ workshop at Guanahacabibes Natural Park

The first ecology workshop of orchid populations: Vanguard tools, will take place from January 19-24 at Guanahacabibes peninsula visiting centre, with the participation of 21 specialists from nine countries and 13 Cubans. Read More

Trees and human beings, something in common

In the eagerness to explain the most varied relationships of the man with the milieu, similarities between some tress and human features are revealed. Read More

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