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Pinar del Río province was evaluated as good in agriculture

The province of Pinar del Rio received the evaluation of good in the 48th tour made by the National Urban Agriculture Group, which also evaluated -and for the first time in the country- a pilot municipality, Pinar del Rio, in the development of suburban agriculture. Read More

Mijaín is absent. Yerevan is clear

Olympic games 2008, it is the fourth time wrestlers Mijail López and Russian Khazam Baroev, two giants of 120 kilograms in the classical wrestling, were face to face. Read More

Viñales Valley after hurricanes

"The beauty of a people should be measured by the greatness of its men", and Viñales has managed to surpass that, since it has not only been painted with the accuracy of a creative paintbrush, but also by its men, who get together to achieve such similarity. Read More

Countryside Humor with actor Angel García

Enrique Nuñez Rodríguez said once that Antolín (Angel García), was among the most authentic countrymen of Cuba, an affirmation corroborated by the audience of Pinar del Rio that enjoyed his humor show at Milanes Theater last weekend. Read More

German sailing ship visits Pinar del Río

In order to taking experiences about the Cuban educational system, a German delegation of Thor Heyerdahl school-ship, is visiting Pinar del Rio since January 29. Read More

Antonio Gades and his dancing

50 Years of Spanish Dance", was opened Wednesday at the History Museum of the provincial capital with the words of José Elpidio Gómez Prieto, director of "Argelier León" Musical Studies Center. Read More

Photo exhibition dedicated to Carlos Varela

A different music is the title of the photo exhibition with a documentary theme on the presentation of the Cuban troubadour, Carlos Varela, in the capital of Pinar del Rio, opened to the public at Korda gallery.<br /> Read More

Agustin Bejarano exhibits in Vueltabajo

Fine arts exponent Agustin Bejarano, opened last week at Pinar del Rio Art Museum (MAPRI) his first personal exhibit in the province entitled Horizontes Blandos (Soft Horizons). Read More

Growers of Cuban rare fruit celebrate 15th Festival

Cuban farmers that grow Guayabita del Pinar, a rare fruit from which a famous local rum is made, celebrated its 15th festival after recording an excellent harvest this past 2009. Read More

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