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Pinar del Río outstands in minimum access surgery

"Abel Santamaría" Hospital of Pinar del Río outstands in the minimum access surgeries to more than two thousand patients with acute appendicitis. Read More

HIV/AIDS The number of cases increases

At the end of October, 40 new HIV positive cases were detected in Pinar del Rio, which means 15 more infected people than last year. Read More

Teacher: A dreams maker

He has the art to sow tenderness, to irradiate kindness and provoke admiration. The art to know how to reach his students heart and earn a place in them, recalling what The Little Prince would say: "What is essential is invisible to the eye". Read More

Fish by-products production reopened

With the reopening and widening of COMERIO enterprise located at the outskirts of Pinar del Río, a range of fish by-products will be available for the people in every specialized center for this sector. Read More

Peoples interests on debate

Vidal Pérez Baños, president of the Provincial Assembly of Peoples Power summoned Pinar del Río to finish as soon as possible the around 18 000 houses damaged by the hurricanes that have affected the western part of the country in the last years. Read More

Pinar celebrates 85 anniversary of the FEU

December 19- a replica of La Demajagua Bell tours two historic places in the province: Mangos de Roque, in Mantua municipality, and Hermanos Saízs Museum House, in San Juan y Martínez municipality. Read More

Thank you Papanicolaou!

Thanks to the Early Detection Program for cervical-uterine cancer Cuba shows one of the lower rates in Latin America. Nevertheless, to talk on this topic is a way to improve women gynaecologic health. Read More

Pinar to gain ground in Urban Agriculture

Around 20 units of Urban Agriculture will be destined to semi-protected agricultural areas in the province, aimed at supplying the state markets with vegetables along the coming year. Read More

Art to listen, to see, to smell and to feel

If we talk about first strokes perhaps the first thing that comes to our minds is a child, or a young man about to become a painter, but if we put ourselves into the work of artist, it requires some analysis. Read More

First direct delegate to XI FEEM Congress already elected

Pinar del Rio province have already elected its first direct delegate to the XI Congress of the Federation of High School Students (FEEM. Read More

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