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Winners of Loynaz and Villaverde Contests in Pinar del Rio City, Cuba.

The results of the national literature contest Hermanos Loynaz and of the eigth edition of Cirilo Villaverde contest were made known in a press conference in Pinar del Rio city. Read More

The University of Pinar del Río in Cuba and Pachacanac Municipality in Peru: a Future Accord of Cooperation was Initiated.

With a Letter of intent signed in the University of Pinar del Río between Hugo Ramos Lezcano, mayor of Pachacanac municipality (Peru) and Erasmo Ares Rojas, rector of the above mentioned institution, a future accord of cooperation was initiated. Read More

Pinar del Río, Cuba, People Have Been Called to Vote for All

More than 542 thousand Pinar del Río people are called to participate this Sunday to the second face of general elections in Cuba; in order to elect their provincial and national parliaments. Read More

Computerizing the hope

"The Geroclub project (activities for old aged people) will continue to widen during the present year, in correspondence to their interests and necessities, explained the especialist. Read More

Viñales Valley, whose origin dates back to more than 300 million years ago

According to experts, the valley's flora is closely linked to its ancient past, since it holds 17 endemic varieties that cannot be found anywhere on Earth, including the cork palm (Microcycas calocoma), which is considered a living fossil from the Jurassic period. Read More

Pinar del Río with high marine biodiversity

<div align="left">It is estimated that about 13 thousand marine species live in the archipelago, therefore, near 30 percent of them has not been discovered yet, especially microorganisms and deep water fauna.</div> Read More

Effective nephrology technique applied in Pinar del Rio

At that health care institution destined to give assistance to the five eastern municipalities of the province, that indicator is of 10,9 percent, while in the United States 20 percent of the people who suffer from this condition die, specially adults who have diabetes and high-blood pressure. Read More

Pinar del Rio takes care of a scarce bird in the rest of Cuba

Inhabitants and scientists of Sierra del Rosario, in Pinar del Rio province, work together to preserve a curious exponent of woodpecker, currently scarce in other regions of the country. Read More

Unique Atlas on Guanahacabibes

Some 200 carsic accidents and 145 archeological sites were studied in the Guanahacabibes peninsula to prepare the Ethno-Ecological Atlas, the most complete research work on the region. Read More

Another good mixture in Hoyo de Monterrey

The integration of the new construction favors the quality of the teaching process. Read More

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