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Cleaning the world at Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve

The protection of the Cuban westernmost coasts, involves students of different levels gathered in a project called To clean the world, that takes place in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, in the province of Pinar del Rio. Read More

Attraction for Tourism in Western Cuba Grows

The natural beauty of western Cuba is today one of the main attractions for a sustained growth of claims on vacation to that place, mostly Europeans. Read More

Canvas of a woman in waiting

The company from Pinar del Rio Rumbo Theater presented a season in Adolfo Llaurado room of the Cuban capital as part of its national tour 2010. Among the proposals, a solo performance of Jorge Lugo: Canvas of a Woman in Waiting. Read More

Project to dream

The World Down Syndrome Day was marked in Vueltabajo by the members of Grabadown Workshop House, a celebration where the magic of costumes and the joy of the faces inspired in other characters, reflected the achievements of eight years of work. Read More

Cuba Readies for April 25 Election

The head of the Cuban National Electoral Committee, Ana María Mari Machado, stressed the importance of electoral authorities correctly carrying out their responsibilities at all levels to have a successful April 25 elections. Read More

Guach Palace, The Strangest Building of Cuba

In a central and crowded corner of the western city of Pinar del Rio, it’s located what some people consider the strangest construction of the country, the so-called Guach Palace.  Read More

Cuba tobacco legend celebrates 91st birthday

Cuban tobacco legend Alejandro Robaina celebrated his 91st birthday on Saturday, weakened by ill health but surrounded by friends and family and the tobacco fields that have been his life.<br /> Read More

Troubadour Wiliam Vivanco and his album: The world is changed

After the release of his third album, troubadour William Vivanco gave the concert El mundo está cambia'o (The world is changed) in the city of Pinar del Rio, his most recent production that attracted the youths who enjoyed the show at Hermanos Saiz University. Read More

Cohiba Cigars in the Spotlight of Next Habano Festival

Cigar shapes of the most famous Cuban cigar brand known as Cohiba will be honored and tasted by cigar lovers from 60 countries around the world during the upcoming 12th Habano Festival, scheduled to take place from February 22nd through the 26th in Havana. Read More

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