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July 12th

Common Sense Might Be Returning to Cuba's Education

<div align="justify"> Cuban educational system has been going downhill fast since de 90s. Now it seems that senior high boarding schools in the countryside are going disappear, which is very good news in fact. </div> Read More

July 11th

Cuba in the Finals of the World Port Baseball Tournament

<div align="justify"> Cuba clobbered Holland by 8-2. The Netherlands only managed two hits while Cuba pounded 17 led by Ariel Borrero, who had a perfect three-for-three including two doubles and two RBIs. </div> Read More

Former Cuban Leader Says Honduras Crisis May Spur Latin America Coups

<div align="justify"> In Castro's opinion, right-wing military leaders trained by the United States could be encouraged to take up arms against their governments, depending on how the Honduras crisis turned out. </div> Read More

Cuba: Robles Conquers Rome

<div align="justify"> The world record holder clocked 13.17 seconds while his team-mate Dayron Capetillo placed seventh with 13.76. </div> Read More

Mignt Africa Help to Bridge Cuba-U.S. Relations?

<div align="justify"> There is some preocupation in business circle about the increasing trade between China and Africa and so Obama's visit is considered of strategic importance. But there are many important social problems in Africa and there is where Cuba could play a role. </div> Read More

Cooperation Bonds Strengthen between St Kitts-Nevis and Cuba

<div align="justify"> The delegations will review agreements between both countries in areas like health, fishing, agriculture, labour and social security, education and the like. </div> Read More

July 10th

Fairness not U.S. Oil Thirst Should Be Major Reason for Ending the Embargo to Cuba

<div align="justify"> The idea behind our trade embargo was to bring down the Cuban government. Half a century later, that hasn't happened. But oil is far from the only reason to end the trade embargo with Cuba. The embargo hurts us, while it has done little good for the people of Cuba. </div> Read More

The Hidden Export Potential of Cuba

<div align="justify"> The crisis that began in the 1990s has meant obstacles to the development of new exportable products, but Cuba has a great potential still unexplored and unexploited. </div> Read More

Brazil Will Help Financing Cuban Port Project

<div align="justify"> Cuba will receive $300 million in credits. $100 million has been already approved by the Brazilian government and the construction will be led by a Brazilian company. </div> Read More

New York Philharmonic Could Visit Cuba

<div align="justify"> The Philharmonic’s decision to move forward with the trip comes after the Obama administration has eased some sanctions against Cuba. Orchestra officials also took pains to say the trip had strong United States government approval. </div> Read More