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U.S.-Cuba talks Helps Rising of Cruise Companies' Stock

<div align="justify"> The hope for unrestricted travel to Cuban ports, a move that could invigorate the popular Caribbean market, caused a rise in the stocks of cruise companies. Analysts argue that the opening of Cuban ports would be a boost for the industry and would invigorate the popular Caribbean market. </div> Read More

Cuban President Attacks Obama for Mantaining Embargo

<div align="justify"> The embargo has been in place since 1961 and was increased during the Clinton Administration with the law Helms-Burton. Currently, there are pressions coming from different U.S. business sectors for getting rid of it. </div> Read More

An Assesment of Cuba's Success in the Rotterdam Tournament

<div align="justify"> There was the total dominance of the solid-but-not-spectacular Rotterdam field. In the nine games of round robin pool play the Cuban team outscored their opponents 53 runs to a mere sixteen. The Cubans were the only club with a winning record and the only team to score more runs than it yielded on defense. </div> Read More

Cuba: London Royal Ballet Pays Tribute to Alicia Alonso

<div align="justify"> «It's a beautiful tribute, very pretty, but it's not just for me, it's also for the people of Cuba,» Alonso said in a brief interview Wednesday night. </div> Read More