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Cuba: Castro Warns of Tough Times Ahead and Demands a Rise in Productivity

<div align="justify"> The worsening situation has frustrated many Cubans who hoped Castro would reform Cuba's economy after taking over from Fidel Castro last year. But his only major reform so far has been in agriculture, where he launched a program to let private farmers cultivate unused state land. </div> Read More

Colorado Considers Trade with Cuba

<div align="justify"> It's not known by anyone how much the endeavor could cost — or earn — the state. But politically, there is no clear cost here for trading with Castro and his brother, Cuban President Raul Castro. While anti-Castro Cuban expatriates have considerable clout in places such as Florida, Colorado has just 3,701 Cubans, according to the most recent census. </div> Read More

Cuba Ends Fourth in World League Champion

<div align="justify"> Brazil defeated Serbia 3-2 and won the 2009 World Volleyball League championship. Cuba ended in the fourth place, a major improvement from last year’s 10th. Two Cubans finished among the tournament’s top five scorers. </div> Read More