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July 14th

Senate Comitte Overtuned Cuban Farm Export Limitations

<div align="justify"> This change the former interpretation of the law that implied that cash in advanced meant giving the money before shipping the goods instead of giving the money when they deliver the goods. </div> Read More

Cuban Pitcher Defector Hires Agent

<div align="justify"> This is the first step toward a professional career in organized baseball. Chapman now has a well-defined route to follow toward his professional objective: establish residency outside the United States, leading to his free agency and ability to sign with any of the 30 Major League teams. </div> Read More

Cuba and Bahamas Negotiate Maritime Boundaries

<div align="justify"> The delegations met in Havana on June 10th. Although the primary purpose of the negotiations to delimit a boundary, other areas of mutual interest were identified for discussions. </div> Read More

July 13th

Cuban President Visits Algeria

<div align="justify"> Raul Castro will stay three days in the country, and later will fly to Egypt, in order to attend the summit of heads of state of the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement. </div> Read More

N.Y. Philharmonic Visit to Cuba Is Likely

<div align="justify"> The President of the New York Philharmonic, Zarin Mehta, said chances are good that the orchestra will play there. A decision might be a month away. </div> Read More

Cuba Wins World Port Baseball Champ

<div align="justify"> This is the fourth time that Cuba wins the Rotterdam World Port Baseball Tournament. The team finished the tournament with an overall 8-1-1 record. </div> Read More

July 12th

Risk of Blackouts Rises in Cuba

<div align="justify"> During this month there was an &quot;overconsumption&quot;, according to the state-run Union Electrica. The director of Rational Energy Use for that company, Ricardo Gonzalez, was cited in the official media as saying that the state sector has not followed the measures laid down. </div> Read More

Cuba Will Play Against The Netherlands in Final

<div align="justify"> Cuba finally lost a game and surprisingly Holland managed to defeat Taiwan and make it to the finals. Now the two teams will play today for the trophy three times before this one. </div> Read More

Royal Ballet Visits Cuba

<div align="justify"> This is the first visit to the Islad of the ballet company. The tickets to the shows were sold withing hours. </div> Read More

Hershey Foundation Helps You to Get to Cuba

<div align="justify"> The foundation, which is interested in Cuba for historical reasons, partners with the Bringing Hope Foundation, which is licensed to travel to Cuba &quot;to deliver humanitarian supplies to an independent charity to benefit the Cuban people.&quot; </div> Read More