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Cuba Unfreezes Some Bank Accounts to Promote Trade

<div align="justify"> Faced with a drying-up of liquidity as the global financial crisis increasingly hit home, Cuba's state banks in January began telling many businesses their funds were simply not available for the moment. Now business sources say some 600 accounts, with frozen funds estimated at $600 million to $1 billion, would potentially be unfreezed. </div> Read More

Joint U.S.-Cuba Maneuvers Were Kept Quiet to Avoid Upsetting Cubanamericans

<div align="justify"> Though it came as surprise, U.S.-Cuba maneuvers have been going for some time now, in fact, for more than a decade. The Bush administration just kept it under the radar so it didn't upset the Cuban conservatives in Florida and put their support in danger. </div> Read More

Cuba Defeated Argentina in Four Sets in World League Final Round

<div align="justify"> Serbia beat Olympic Champion and current World League title-holders USA 3-0 while Argentina took a big step away from the semifinals with 1-3 loss to Cuba in a match that lasted one hour and 45 minutes. </div> Read More