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Cuba's Population Is Aging

<div align="justify"> Cuba might facing a demographic time bomb due to its shrinking population, the high number of emigrants and long life expectancy. </div> Read More

Slight Cuban Defrosting in U.S.

<div align="justify"> President Obama has made some promising gestures and authorities in the island has suggested they are open to talk about some issues, but observers feel that both part can do much more. </div> Read More

Cuba Is Testing New Polio Vaccine

<div align="justify"> The study has been sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and allows testing effectiveness of its intradermal application employing only one fifth of the current dose. </div> Read More

Group Ask for Release of 22 Journalists Imprisioned in Cuba

<div align="justify"> The U.N. Human Rights Council recently praised Cuba for making progress in promoting rights related to nutrition, education and health, but not freedom of expression. </div> Read More

U.S. Policy toward Cuba is still Stuck in the Past

<div align="justify"> U.S. policy toward the island is sadly outdated: Washington needs to get over its dogmatic assertion that Cuba has a repressive and non-representative government that puts it beyond the pale as compared to other authoritarian regimes. </div> Read More