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Cuba Crops Previsions for 2009 imports, exports

<div align="justify"> The Economy and Planning Ministry forecast was drawn up within two months of President Raul Castro's replacement in March of Cuba's entire economic leadership team after a dismal 2008 performance. </div> Read More

Cuba Makes Some Changes to Allow some Forms of Private Property

<div align="justify"> Private holiday homes are on sale to foreign buyers for the first time in 50 years. For the time being, foreigners can only lease property for 75 years, but that it's a huge change from the past. <br /> </div> Read More

Cuba Falls Behind in Communication Technology

<div align="justify"> Even though Cuba's cellular sector is growing, other tech sector like computers and Internet are at a standstill or declining. </div> Read More

There Is not Need for the Embargo; if You Doubt, Go to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Bruce Ramsey, columnist of The Seattle Times, reflects on his trip to Cuba. What are the reasons for supporting the embargo? Why the U.S. government would want to prevent Americans from visiting the island? </div> Read More

Dancers of the Royal Ballet with Swine Flu in Cuba

<div align="justify"> British media first reported news about the dancers — among the 150-member Royal Ballet delegation that had travelled to Havana — on the weekend, noting that among the afflicted were principal dancers Steven McRae and Marianela Nunez, who were unable to perform. </div> Read More