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Bondholders accept rollover from the Cuban government

<div align="justify"> This move is consequence of the current economic situation and the strain that put on the Cuban economy the hurricanes that hit the island last year. </div> Read More

Cuban Frosty Relations with U.S. No Bar to Communication

<div align="justify"> Cuba and the United States will resume talks on migration issues any time now, although, according to Cuban parliament president Ricardo Alarcón, the five Cuban agents imprisoned in the U.S. remain &quot;a formidable obstacle&quot; to normalising bilateral relations. </div> Read More

Cuba Beats Japan 8-0 in Baseball Match

<div align="justify"> After this game, only Cuba and Taiwan remain undefeated. These two teams will play now against each other. </div> Read More

Cuban Baptist Minister Visits Berks as part of Program

<div align="justify"> The visit is promoted by &quot;Hands Across the Gulf&quot;, that is a partnership between the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Fellowship of Baptist Churches of Cuba. </div> Read More

New Labor Law Creates Confusion in Cuba

<div align="justify"> Some workers have expressed concern over the fact that those who are not directly involved in production now have higher wages than those who are while some company managers are not comfortable with the new system because they are directly involved in production and will receive less money that their workers.<br /> </div> Read More