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Risk of Blackouts Rises in Cuba

<div align="justify"> During this month there was an &quot;overconsumption&quot;, according to the state-run Union Electrica. The director of Rational Energy Use for that company, Ricardo Gonzalez, was cited in the official media as saying that the state sector has not followed the measures laid down. </div> Read More

Cuba Will Play Against The Netherlands in Final

<div align="justify"> Cuba finally lost a game and surprisingly Holland managed to defeat Taiwan and make it to the finals. Now the two teams will play today for the trophy three times before this one. </div> Read More

Royal Ballet Visits Cuba

<div align="justify"> This is the first visit to the Islad of the ballet company. The tickets to the shows were sold withing hours. </div> Read More

Hershey Foundation Helps You to Get to Cuba

<div align="justify"> The foundation, which is interested in Cuba for historical reasons, partners with the Bringing Hope Foundation, which is licensed to travel to Cuba &quot;to deliver humanitarian supplies to an independent charity to benefit the Cuban people.&quot; </div> Read More

Common Sense Might Be Returning to Cuba's Education

<div align="justify"> Cuban educational system has been going downhill fast since de 90s. Now it seems that senior high boarding schools in the countryside are going disappear, which is very good news in fact. </div> Read More