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Cuba Is Considering to Reduce State Role in Economy

<div align="justify"> Raul Castro replaced ailing brother Fidel last year and since then has pushed for a more efficient and streamlined government and economy. He replaced his economic Cabinet in March amid the worst financial crisis Cuba has gone through since the demise of former benefactor the Soviet Union in 1991. </div> Read More

Airports Are Getting in Line to Fly to Cuba

<div align="justify"> In April, the Obama administration eased restrictions on travel and money transfers to the island by U.S. citizens or residents with family in Cuba. Now cities and airports are to position themselves ahead of any further loosening of travel policy. </div> Read More

Cuba: U.S. Turns Off News Ticker in Havana, So What?

<div align="justify"> The news ticker was put atop the U.S. interest section in Havana by the Bush Administration in an attemp to &quot;inform&quot; Cubans. The news ticker was part of what was called by the press &quot;the billboard war&quot;, when the U.S. and the Cuban government compete against each other placing signboards with political messages. </div> Read More

Will Americans Be Free to Visit Cuba Soon?

<div align="justify"> Cuba is a luring tourism destination. There are UNESCO world heritage sites as well as beautiful beaches. The years-long U.S. embargo policy considerably affects the Cuban economy in general and tourism industry is not an exception. </div> Read More

Low Hope of Improving Cuba Ties

<div align="justify"> Obama lifted the restrictions on travel and sending of remittances for the Cuban-American community this year, and resumed bilateral migration talks. But apart from that, things has not change essentially. </div> Read More