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July 3rd

Top Cuban Pitcher Defects

<div align="justify"> Chapman, 21 and considered by many scouts to be the best left-handed pitching prospect in the world, walked out of his hotel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where Cuba was participating in a tournament, and never returned. </div> Read More

July 2nd

Helping to Bridge Differences between Cuba and U.S.

<div align="justify"> The upgrade of the American involvement in Cuba will not only help American businesses, but it will help to spread democracy in the island.<br /> </div> Read More

Honduran Students in Cuba Decided to Break Media Silence in their Country

<div align="justify"> In an effort to break the media silence in Honduras about the coup d’état against Manuel Zelaya’s government, students from that Central American nation in the Cuban province of Cienfuegos sent the addresses of Cuban websites to their relatives back in Honduras where they can find updated information of what is happening in their country. </div> Read More

Cuba Mentioned in a House Intel Bill that Emphasizes Latin American Threads

<div align="justify"> The Bill recomends that the Intelligence Community should tailor recruiting drives to attract exiles from the island, just as the United States has done with Iraqi-Americans in seeking to meet intelligence objectives in Iraq. </div> Read More

Cuba and Portugal to Boost Cooperation

<div align="justify"> Cuban and Portuguese government have decided to upgrade their cooperation, with special emphasis in biotecnology, the pharmaceutical industry and renewable energies. </div> Read More

July 1st

'I Am Insufferable', says Carlos Acosta

<div align="justify"> The famous ballet dancer is interviewed in London. </div> Read More

The Prosecution Opposed against Releasing the Alleged Cuban Spies until Trial

<div align="justify"> According to the prosecutors, alleged Cuba spies have motivation and means to scape. </div> Read More

Dayron Robles Will Compete in Havana

<div align="justify"> Cuban 2008 Olympic champion and world record holder in the men’s sprint hurdles, Dayron Robles, will participate in the 22nd Central American and Caribbean Championship. </div> Read More

New Flights Began Yesterday from LAX to Havana

<div align="justify"> Non-stop flights will take off once a week.<br /> </div> Read More

Cuba's Trade Deficit Goes Sky High in 2008

<div align="justify"> The trade deficit jumped to 65 percent during the last year due to several factors, including the three hurricanes that affected the country and the fall of their nickel exports.<strong><br /> </strong> </div> Read More