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Fairness not U.S. Oil Thirst Should Be Major Reason for Ending the Embargo to Cuba

<div align="justify"> The idea behind our trade embargo was to bring down the Cuban government. Half a century later, that hasn't happened. But oil is far from the only reason to end the trade embargo with Cuba. The embargo hurts us, while it has done little good for the people of Cuba. </div> Read More

The Hidden Export Potential of Cuba

<div align="justify"> The crisis that began in the 1990s has meant obstacles to the development of new exportable products, but Cuba has a great potential still unexplored and unexploited. </div> Read More

Brazil Will Help Financing Cuban Port Project

<div align="justify"> Cuba will receive $300 million in credits. $100 million has been already approved by the Brazilian government and the construction will be led by a Brazilian company. </div> Read More

New York Philharmonic Could Visit Cuba

<div align="justify"> The Philharmonic’s decision to move forward with the trip comes after the Obama administration has eased some sanctions against Cuba. Orchestra officials also took pains to say the trip had strong United States government approval. </div> Read More

We Should End the Embargo to Stop China from Gobbling-up Cuban Oil

<div align="justify"> Cuba's oil reserves might be among the top 20 in the world and not far behind the United States. If U.S. firms are forbidden by their own government to drill for oil and gas in Cuban waters, then the national oil companies of other countries will benefit while our investor-owned companies watch from the sidelines. </div> Read More