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Salaries Will Be Increased in the educational sector by the Cuban Government

<div align="justify"> About 545,000 workers of the sector will benefit from the increase. The monthly average increase in the General and Mid-Level Education sector will be of 166 pesos for teachers, while professors in higher educational institutions will get an increase of 145 in their monthly salaries. </div> Read More

Acosta will be joining Ballet Nacional de Cuba for Spring Dance 2010

<div align="justify"> Carlos Acosta will perform with the whole company of Ballet Nacional de Cuba for the first time in the UK. The Cuban company will be joined by Mark Morris Dance Group and Birmingham Royal Ballet. </div> Read More

Cuba Has Delayed Repayment of Russian Credit Three Times

<div align="justify"> The situation has been denounced by the Russian Audit Chamber, which exposed other violations in selection of suppliers and lack of control of the implementation of the contracts. </div> Read More

KDU-?SL head criticises EU approach after a private visit to Cuba

<div align="justify"> During his stay in the island, Svoboda talked with some dissidents and after his return spoke against the pragmatic EU's approach to Cuba. </div> Read More

Top Cuban Pitcher Defects

<div align="justify"> Chapman, 21 and considered by many scouts to be the best left-handed pitching prospect in the world, walked out of his hotel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where Cuba was participating in a tournament, and never returned. </div> Read More