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Cuban piano player Frank Fernández captivated a Canadian audience

Cuban piano player Frank Fernandez captivated a Canadian audience with "a memorable concert with the authentic intensity of a talent going far beyond human possibilities," as said by local critics. Read More

Low HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Cuba

HIV/AIDS prevalence index in Cuba is among the lowest in the world and the lowest in the Caribbean, Jorge Perez Avila, deputy director of the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK) has reported. Read More

Grants Fidel Castro Honoris Causa Degree a Russian University

Russia´s Economy and Commerce State University granted the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, a Honoris Causa Doctorate at a solemn ceremony held at this institution. Read More

Cuban Expert Extols Caribbean Biological Corridor

Doctor Nicasio Viña Davila, director of the Eastern Center of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (BIDECO) stressed today the importance of the Caribbean Biological Corridor for the conservation of the valuable natural heritage of the región. Read More

Cuba's Sancti Spíritus Marks 495 Foundation Anniversary

The ancient city of Sancti Spiritus, one of the first villages founded in Cuba on June 4th, 1514, is currently celebrating the 495 anniversary of its foundation. Read More

Plan for Confronting Influenza A H1N1by the Civil Defense National of Cuban

The general objective of the plan is to reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of AH1N1 in Cuba and to minimize the negative effects of the pandemic on the health of the population, as well as its impact on the economic/social sphere if there were to be an outbreak. Read More

Cuban painter Zaida del Río presents a new sample of its work

If, giving credit to Jorge Luis Borges, the Aleph " is one of the points in space containing all points", we would have to agree that each work by Zaida del Río, especially the most recent ones, summarizes all the lines of her lyrical obsessions. Read More

In Camaguey, Cuba: Exhibition of Photos of Protected Areas for World Environment Day

More than 100 photographs of a unique Cuban contest dedicated to Nature are on display in this city, as part of the program of activities to mark World Environment Day. Read More

Director of the Cuban Nacional Ballet, Alicia Alonso: Lorca Poetry as Dance

The director of the Cuban Nacional Ballet, Alicia Alonso, will be premiere here today her ballet Preciosa y el Aire, based on poems by Federico Garcia Lorca, and choreographed during the 50s. Read More

Cuban National Folkloric Group on Tour around Spain and Portugal

Leonardo Buenaventura, head of the groups Foreign Relations Department, said that the show reflects the aesthetic concepts, languages and artistic styles of the company<br /> Read More