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Changin course in Cuba: a Road with Many Paths for Obama

<div align="justify"> <strong>After a good start, the Obama administration can do more in order to change the course in Cuba.<br /> </strong> </div> Read More

Cuba is shaking with reggaeton fever

<div align="justify"> <strong>Reggaeton is the rage among Cuban youths while government look at it with alarm.</strong><br /> </div> Read More

Will be Cuba capable of coping with an onslaught of Americans?

<div align="left"> <strong>Doubts exist about the capacity of Cuba tourist infrastructure to cope with a sudden surge of American tourists<br /> </strong> </div> Read More

If Ban Lifted, Cuba Can Service U.S. Tourists

<div align="justify"> <strong>According to Miguel Figueras, adviser at Cuba's tourism ministry, Cuban's tourism industry will have enough capacity for the surge of American travelers should U.S. lawmakers lift restrictions on visits to the island.</strong> </div> Read More

New Labor Law Passed in Cuba

<strong>On June 26th, 2009, the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba passed the Decree-Law number 268 'Reform of the Labor Regime'. </strong> Read More