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 Grants Fidel Castro Honoris Causa Degree a Russian University
A letter addressed to the author of History Will Absolve Me was read at the ceremony by Rector Serguei Baburin, explaining how the Scientific Council of the university had unanimously agreed to grant the degree and an honorary professorship to Fidel.

"We have taken into consideration his worth for the social development of humanity, the improvement of science and the exercise of politics and economy," states the document presented before hundreds of faculty and students.

In the presence of Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, scientific adviser of Cuba´s Council of State, Cuban ambassador to Russia Juan Valdés, and officials of this diplomatic mission, Baburin spoke highly of the friendship between Russia and Cuba.

He also said that the leader of the Cuban Revolution had made a priceless personal contribution to the development of humanity and the cooperation between the peoples and the youth from both countries.

"The students and faculty at this university, with all our love, consider you as one of the greatest figures of the 20th and 21st centuries, a paradigmatic world fighter for the freedom and independence of the peoples, in defense of social justice," adds the document.

"We ask you to accept the diploma and insignia of Doctor Honoris Causa, as a token of the profound respect and admiration we, the students and faculty, feel for you," it concludes.

Buburin then proceeded to hand over the diploma, gown, cap and seal of Doctor Honoris Cuasa to the scientific adviser of the Council of State of Cuba, for him to take it to Fidel.

When expressing his gratitude for the acknowledgment granted to the leader of the Revolution, Castro Díaz-Balart stressed his contribution to politics and economic thought.


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