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Undergraduate Puerto Ricans Studying at the Cuban Center of Studies on José Martí

A group of Puerto Rican university students have arrived from different parts of the country to study at the Cuban Center of Studies on José Martí (CEM). Read More

Guerrilla de Teatreros from Granma, Cuba has been awarded

In 2008, for the fifth consecutive time, the Guerrilla de Teatreros, received the flag that awards them as a National Avant-garde of the Trade Union of the Culture workers in the south eastern Cuban province of Granma. Read More

Declaration of the Government of Cuba

In an act of unusual historic significance, the OAS has just formally buried the shameful resolution which excluded Cuba from the Inter-American System in 1962.<br /> Read More

Cuba Adopts Novel Med Procedure in the Using Endoscopic Surgery

Cuba is using endoscopic surgery through the natural orifices of the human body, said Doctor Raul Castro Perez, a surgeon with 25 years of experience. Read More

Animated 3 dimensional film Menique, first super production of its kind in Cuba

Locations for the film with local technology were selected in 2007 and a year later the film began to roll Read More

In Havana: Group Ecos Flamenco Company of traditional Spanish dances

The Huella of España (The imprint of Spain) festival, Flamenco took over the Garcia Lorca Theater in Old Havana.  With their long swirling dresses - different tones of red - performed the passionate young lovers of Spanish music, singers and dancers. Read More

Refinery in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus is producing dielectric oil for the domestic market.

The chemical, which is produced at the basic oil plant, is used in the plant where electrical transformers Latino are made in Havana. Read More

Botanical Garden of Las Tunas, Cuba, Opened a Modern Classroom with Environmental Education

The Botanical Garden of this city opened a modern classroom with the purpose of creating an environmental education in the population, which can identify on-line more than one thousand species and varieties of 10 families of plants. Read More

Tourism in Baracoa the first village founded by the Spanish conquistadors in Cuba

The promotion of tourist attractions in Baracoa, the first village founded by the Spanish conquistadors in Cuba, is the main goal of the Tourist Information Center (INFOTUR) in that eastern city.<br /> Read More

Guaracheros de Regla, the most popular carnival comparsa in Cuba, it will turn 50 years

As it has been said by its director Humberto Medina, the group was created to show the commitment of the young people from Regla municipality to the revolutionary process and its first parade took place on June, 1959 in that town located on the periphery of Havana. Read More