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In Havana Ernest Hemingway Revisited

On the 110th anniversary of his birth, 80 years since his novel Farewell to Arms and 70 of his taking up residence in Cuba, Ernest Hemingway will once again be the centre of attention next month in Havana, the venue of an international meeting that from June 18th through the 21st will bring together specialists on the author’s work. Read More

New kind of tilapia, genetically improved, is being introduced in Cuba

The Ciego de Avila aquaculture system has some 2,200 females and 1,000 males to fulfil its requirements. These fish will be together for five 45-day cycles in order to obtain over 4 million larvae. Read More

A plaque to pay homage to late Cuban scientist Maria Elena Ibarra

A plaque to pay homage to late Cuban scientist Maria Elena Ibarra, renowned fighter for the preservation of the environment, will be unveiled this June 5th at the Alejandro de Humboldt House in this capital.<br /> Read More

French Cinema in Havana

Veteran director Alain Resnais, who is about to celebrate his 87th birthday and was awarded at this year’s Cannes Festival for lifetime’s work, will be honored during the Festival of French Cinema in Cuba that will take place from June 5 to 23 in Havana. Read More

Esteban Lazo Cuban Vice President, Attends Inauguration of Salvadorian President

The Cuban delegation will also hold talks with officials of the new Salvadorian government and will take part in activities organized for the occasion. Read More

Over 400 special schools throughout Cuba for children with Disabilities

Over 400 special schools throughout the country providing care to thousands of children with physical and mental disabilities Read More

In Havana Critical Edition of José Martí’s Works Completed

The Center for Martí Studies (CEM) has donated the country’s Higher Education institutions the first 15 volumes of the Edición Crítica de las Obras Completas de José Martí (Critical Edition of José Martí’s Complete Woks), introduced by Cintio Vitier and other scholars in 1977. Read More

Cuba and El Salvador formally reestablished diplomatic ties

The move came after former journalist Mauricio Funes -- the first leftist leader elected here in 20 years -- was sworn in as president of El Salvador. Read More

Preparations in Cuba for World Environment Day

Lectures, tributes to personalities from the field of science, and artistic exhibitions, are part of the program to celebrate World Environment Day in this capital on June 5 Read More