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Director of the Cuban Nacional Ballet, Alicia Alonso: Lorca Poetry as Dance
I am excited and nervous, I believe that what I tried to do may never be at the height of Lorca, that great Spanish poet, said the prima ballerina assoluta.

After explaining that she is never satisfied with what she does she pointed out that, for her, to prepare a new choreography is like building a house that begins by gathering the first materials.

Referring the Festival La Huella de España that she has headed since 1988 she added that each new performance has a different characteristic.

The event will conclude on June 7 with the participation of Spanish artists Celia Flores, daughter of Antonio Gades, the musician Romulo Sanjurjo, the piano duo BdBduo, poet Lino Braxe, guitarist Jose Luis Martinez and painter Juan Carlos Mestre.


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