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In Cuba: New Polio Vaccination Champaign in Eastern Province

The eastern province of Holguin will start the 48th vaccination campaign against Polio from February 27 until March 5 as its first stage, while the second stage is schedule for April 24 to 30.<br /> Read More

Ibero-American Archive Directors Meet in Cuba

The Committee of the Intergovernmental Support Program for the Development of Ibero-American Archives (ADAI) will hold its first meeting in Cuba since its creation in 1998 in Portugal.<br /> Read More

Call to the IV George Woodyard Theatre Latin American Award

Original non première woks in Spanish language can take part in the competition, regardless of the topic they are about.<br /> Read More

Record Number of Visitors Arrived in Cuba in 2008

The Cuban National Office of Statistics (ONE) announced on Sunday that a record number of 2,348,340 visitors arrived in the Caribbean nation in 2008.<br /> Read More

Prestigious Cuban artists Nelson Domínguez and Pablo Milanes, will recall the fire of Bayamo

The creators Nelson Domínguez and Pablo Milanes are joining their talents in a work that will recall the fire made to this city by its habitants, one of the more heroic events of the Cuban history. Read More

Maraca and his group otra Vision is making a tour around Cuba

Luxury concerts will be offered by the flute placer, composer and director of the group Otra Vision all over Cuba, starting at the Guaso Theatre in Guantanamo. This tour will end in March in the Cuban capital. Read More

In Havana: Casa de las Américas half a century creating bridges

In tone with the anniversary, the 2009 will be a permanent celebration and will be declared &quot;Año Cinético de la Casa&quot; (Kinetic year of the Casa) with a chronogram that will show the most important of that pictorial movement that had in Latin America its best exponents.<br /> Read More

Cuban Elderly to Dance at Changui Festival

The Cuban woman who inspired the most famous changui (a Cuban music rhythm) song: Cuban Pastorita Yuani Sayus, 93 years old, announced she will dance the famous dance song written by Robert Baute Sagarra that he dedicated to her. Read More

Havana Jazz Plaza Fest: Musicians from 20 Nations

The Vice President of the Organizing Committee of the 25th Edition of Jazz Plaza International Festival 2009 Alexis Vazquez announced musicians from 20 countries, several from Latin America and the Caribbean, have confirmed their attendance to this annual event. Read More

Environmental Protection Actions Promoted in Major Cuban Wetland

Actions for the protection of wetlands and to raise locals' awareness on the importance of those ecosystems are being promoted in the Zapata Swamp through a scientific and cultural program underway until February 10. Read More