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José Ramón Machado Ventura Presides Cuban Delegation to Tenth Anniversary of the Bolivarian Revolution

Cuban First Vice President José Ramón Machado Ventura arrived in Caracas on Sunday for 10th anniversary celebration of the revolution taking place in Venezuela Read More

British Alan Woods to Attend Havana Book Fair

The Marxist thinker British Alan Woods will launch his book "Reformism or Revolution" during the coming edition of Havana Book Fair, to begin on Feb.12, close friends of the author told Prensa Latina. Read More

Baby Kangaroos: Successful Program of Cuban Health

Referred to as baby kangaroos the underweight babies of the Skin to Skin program in Pinar del Rio province of Cuba who are usually born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Read More

Cuban Village UNESCO World Heritage

The urban historical quarter of the city of Camaguey, Cuba's largest province, was declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO, on the ancient village's 495th anniversary. Read More

Cuban NGOs at Geneva United Nations

Cuban non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will present Wednesday at the Palace of United Nations in Geneva a panel to support the island's report to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Human Rights Council (HRC). Read More

Chilean literature in Cuban editions to 2009 Book Festival

Cuban editorial houses will be dressed with the robes of Chilean literature with titles by authors from that South American country, to which this Cuba 2009 International Book Festival will be dedicated. The festival will open its doors here on February 12. Read More

In Habana: First ballet performance dedicated to the Revolution

The Cuban Nacional Ballet, under the direction of the prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, will celebrate February 3rd, the first performance offered in 1959, for the Revolutionary Governement and the Rebel Army. Read More

Cuba Vicepresident Esteban Lazo Meets Hungary Communist

Cuban Vicepresident Esteban Lazo met with Hungarian Communist Workers' Party (HCWP) leader Gyula Thurmer, Granma newspaper reported. Read More

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Cuban President Raúl Castro

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets Monday with Cuban President Raul Castro, on the sixth day of his official visit to this country. Read More

Cuban President Satisfied with Visit to Russia

Cuban President Raul Castro called his visit to Russia days of strong, positive work that further boost bilateral ties. Read More