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A group of 16 Venezuelan boxers to train in Cuba

A group of 16 Venezuelan boxers will undergo 18-day training in Cuba to complete readiness which started late in 2008. Read More

Guayabero: Cuban Wine to Excite the Senses

The new Cuban wine El Guayabero, named after a Cuban folk singer known for his humorous songs, will exceed other wines capacity to unleash the tongue, as it enriches the bouquet with a special double sense to make drinkers blush or generate excitement. Read More

Cuban Medics in Guatemala Attend Science Forum

About 60 conferences on mother child program, transmissible diseases, and research in health systems have been presented this weekend during the Seventh Scientific Forum of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) working in Guatemala. Read More

Cuban Biotechnology Products in 58 Countries of the World

Cuban biotechnology has taken its scientific results to some 58 countries of the world, said the director of the Molecular Immunology Center, Doctor Agustin Lage in a key lecture in this eastern province. Read More

Pacho Alonso Cultural Center to be created in Cuba

A Cultural Center to preserve the memory of the deceased Cuban musician Pacho Alonso will start to function here at the end of the year, declared Pachito Alonso, his son and heir of the famous orchestra founded by his father, with Cuban rythm &quot;Son&quot; as the seed of new rhythms and sounds.<br /> Read More

Winning Projects of “Informática 2009” Contest to Be Exhibited at the Cuban Stand

Twenty three important projects were chosen as the winners of “Informática 2009” contest. The winning projects, in the areas of technology, Computing Applications and Solutions developed by national entities, will be on display at the Cuban Stand during upcoming International Fair “Informática 2009”, set for February 9-13 here in Havana. Read More

Cubans get Spanish passports to their dreams

'Viva España,' cheered Norberto Luis Diaz, the first Cuban to get a Spanish passport under a new law that grants citizenship to descendants of former exiles. Read More

Fighting Infectious Diseases a Priority in Cuba's Las Tunas Province

The Center for Health Education in eastern Las Tunas province has among its priorities for 2009 that of strengthening its prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and its addiction control work. Read More

Malaysian Tells Obama to Return Guantanamo Territory

The US Naval Base in Guantanamo is a facility located on an area of 117.6 square kilometers of Cuba`s national territory, occupied since 1903, and where there are currently over 200 prisoners. Read More

Meeting of the World Council of the José Martí Project to be inaugurated

The Fifth Meeting of the World Council of the José Martí Project, sponsored by UNESCO, was inaugurated in the capital of the state of Yucatan, with the presence of different international personalities of the world of politics and culture. Read More