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Environmental Protection Actions Promoted in Major Cuban Wetland
Some 80 experts from national and local institutions on environmental conservation and protection are participating in the Zapata 2009 Workshop, taking place in the largest wetland of the Caribbean, located 112 miles to the southeast off Havana.

The program includes community-based debates in Playa Giron, literature and art competitions on environmental topics for children up to 13-years- old and talks by experts about climate change and other related themes.

On Monday, the World Wetlands Day was marked in this municipality of the province of Matanzas. Debates on the management and control of invasive species, reproduction of indigenous species and global warming were held.

A representative of the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the area, Julio Haedo Madem, told ACN the office highly values the work between scientists and the community, which allow residents to participate and feel responsible for the environment protection.

The Zapata Swamp is a biosphere reserve with the category of a Ramsar Site which recognizes the wetland as internationally important because it provides refuge to 75 migrating bird species in addition to other indigenous species.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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