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Call to the IV George Woodyard Theatre Latin American Award
We are pleased to announce the opening of the fourth edition of the George Woodyard Latin American Theatre Award.
This award was created by Laurietz Seda, with the support of the Clasic and Modern Languanges Department and its Spanish Section of the Connecticut University in year 2005 in honour to Dr. George Woodyard for his restless dedication to this genre. The award has the purpose of stimulating, support and promotes the creation of the high quality theatre works made by Latin American authors.

Latin American authors can participate in the event regardless if they live in their country of origin or in any other country.

Hispanic authors or authors of Hispanic origins resident in the USA can take part in the event.

Works that have received mentions or awards will not be accepted, regardless if they are unpublished or not.

Works that have take part in previous edition of this competition will not be accepted.

Works delivered by e-mail, will not be accepted.

Works must be presented in A4 or setter paper, written in typing machine or computer with a setter size 12, double spacer and in one side of the sheet only. They must not exceed 50 pages.

Will be accepted only one work per author.

4 originals must be delivered. Every original must be presented under a pen name. In a separate closed envelope shall be included the pen name and the title of the work. Inside the envelop shall be included a note with the personal data of the author (name, address, phone number and e-mail), a photocopy of the ID and a signed declaration certifying the work has not been part of other editions of this Award, that is not waiting a decision in any other event and that the author has the work to his / her free disposal. The signed declaration must include also the statement that the work does not violate any existing intellectual property and that it does not has any content that might give place to a legal action.

The participant assumes the full responsibility in front of any demand due to a alleged plagiarism or any other demand that might be raised against Laurietz Seda, the Department of Classic and Modern Languages and the University of Connecticut.

Only one price will be selected, which will win $ 2,500 (subject to tax deductions) plus travelling – return ticket – expenditures to the University of Connecticut, two nights overnight expenditures and the publication of the work at the Latin American Theatre Review.

The winner makes the compromise to travel to the University of Connecticut to receive the award and the present workshop or a presentation, as will be requested by the Department of Classic and Modern Languages of the University of Connecticut.

The jury will be able to declare the price desert if they consider no work has the quality to obtain it.

The decision of the jury will be unappealable.

The names of the finalist will not be made public, as will not be public the comments made by the jury about the participant works.

The Works will not be returned, included the awarded one.

The presentation of the originals to this event implies the knowledge and full acceptance of these conditions in all its terms.

Any doubt or consultation can be sent to Laurietz Seda to the e-mail [email protected]

The originals can be sent by mail to the following address until the 15 of April 2009, with a postage stamp proof:

Dra. Laurietz Seda
IV Premio Teatral George Woodyard
Department of Modern and Classical Languages
University of Connecticut
337 Mansfield Rd, U 1057
Storrs, CT 06269

The decision of the jury will be announced the 30 of August 2009 in the following web page: In the same web page it is possible to find the winners of previous competitions.

(La Ventana)

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