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In Havana Casa de las Américas half a century creating bridges
Year 2009 is for the Casa de las Americas the year of its 50 anniversary as a cultural institution that contributed to the natural connection between the Cuban Revolution with the best of Latin American intellectuals.
Haydee Santamaria, one of the icons of the national rebellion and Hero of the Revolution, was its first director and who transmitted its integrating and human vocation that has characterized the institution and made it in the seat of one of the oldest and more prestigious literary awards in Latin America.

Therefore, January opened with the collective exhibition De la abstracción al arte cinético (From the abstraction to the kinetic art) and will last until the same month of 2010 with personal exhibitions by the Chilean Matilde Perez and the Argentineans Leon Ferrari, Luis Tomasello and Julio Le Perc.

The Venezuelan Carlso Cruz Diez and the Colombian Omar Rayo will also find a space in that the environment is the colors, the shadows, the lights and the proportions are the stars.

A high point will be the development of the edition of the 50 Literary Award of the Casa de las Americas, from the 2 until the 11 February.

The XVIII International Book Fair Cuba 2009 will be dedicated to the Casa de las Americas. The institution will develop a special program that includes the presentation of its award winner books, La llave marilyn, by Laura Yasan and La furia de las pestes, by Samanta Schweblin.

The texts: Las voces del asombro, by Hugo Niño, A globalizacao da naturaza a naturaza da globalizacao, by Carlos Walter Porto-Goncalves, Les dieux voyagen la nuit, by Philippe Dalembert, and Un efecto de color, by Ana María Goncalves, among man other works are also included in that privileged list.

Among the edited Chilean authors by Casa are De sueños azules, by Elicura Chihualaf, La reina Isabel cantaba rancheras, by Hernan Rivera, Grandes cuentos chilenos, by Carmen Berenguer, Lumperica, de Diamela Eltit, El evangelio americano, by Francisco Bilbao and Una valoración múltiple by María Luisa Bombal.

As a luxury gesture, it will be able to find the re editions of Epopeya de las comidas y bebidas de Chile, by Pablo Rokha, Poesías by Gabriela Mistral and Décimas by Violeta Parra.

A special number of the Casa magazine dedicated to Chile will be presented in the Fair. Two exhibitions, one permanent for the Fair at the Morro – Cabaña complex and another itinerant with photos and other promotional medium abut the five decades of the famous institution are being designed. The later exhibition will be donated to the provinces.

Haydee Santamaría, as founder and also as a spirit and vocation that has left its mark in the work of the Casa, will receive a special tribute the 24 of April, with a great concert and the presentation of a book that collects documents, correspondence and other material of her personal files.

In May will be held the Award La Joven Estampa (The young Appearance) as well as the international meeting and the workshop about kinetic art.

While in November is programmed to hold the International Meeting of Caribbean Magazines and the Author Week.


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