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December 2nd

Singapore and Cuba with reinforced bilateral ties

The Asian coutry is exploring new markets in Latin America Singapore and Cuba have pledged to enhance bilateral cooperation following Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's two-day visit to the island country in the Caribbean.<br /> Read More

Nine USA students to study in Havana next spring

Nine Wilson School students will have the rare opportunity to study abroad in Havana, Cuba, next semester, with the launch of the Wilson School’s first task force in Cuba. Read More

The World Sings to Cuba

Florida International University concert features songs about Cuba Classically Cuban: &quot;The World Sings to Cuba.&quot; Read More

December 1st

Unknown Polo Montanez's songs to be released

His group is going to play this music widely loved by the Cuban people that warmly called &quot;Guajiro Natural&quot; (Natural Countryman). Read More

Sugarcane harvest starts in January

In accordance with the workforce strategy, it is estimated that 37 brigades with 1 707 macheteros will be at the sugarcane fields in the beginnings of January to start a short but efficient harvest season. Read More

Best Arab horses raised in Camaguey

Rancho San Vicente was declared a training center where breeders of these animals from other parts of the country can receive in-service trainings. Read More

Van Van, the train of the Cuban music

Cubans find in Van Van a new sound, born from the mixture of salsa, changüi, rock... That rhythm next to their catchy lyrics was the result of experimentation, of the ear ready for the outer place.  Read More