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Cuban wrestler Mijaín López and discus thrower Yarelis Barrios were selected the best individual athletes of the year in Pinar del Rio, as it happened last year.

Mijaín kept this year the 120 kg world title in Herning, Denmark, proving himself as the greatest wrestling attraction of the planet, allowing only one point against his rivals.

Yarelis for her part ratified her position in the elite of her sport, after winning the silver medal at the World  hampionship in Athletics held in Berlin during last August.

The strong dark-skinned of Vueltabajo is the only discus thrower that went to the podium in the last three competitions:  saka World Championship 2007, Beijing Olympics 2008 and the athletics appointment of this 2009, in all the three of them she returned home with the silver medal.

In the case of collective sports, the provincial media noted the labour of pitcher Pedro Luis Lazo and basketball player Taimí Fernández.

Lazo was one of the best Cuban pitchers during the 2nd World Baseball Classic and the World Championship organized by the IBAF in the last trimester of the year.

Taimi took part in the national basketball roster for the Pre-World Championship, with a great performance, but in regard to the team the goal was not fulfilled.

The rookie of the year was Greco-Roman wrestler Yasmani Lugo, winner of the Junior World Championship and then member of the adult team that participated in Herning, always in the division of 96 kg.

The rest of the best athletes of Pinar del Rio in the present year are boxer Roniel Iglesias, 64 kg world champion in Milan and Judo athlete Idalis Ortiz, winner of the world bronze medal in 78 kg.

Chess players Fidel Corrales, third ELO rating of the country and participant of the World Cup, as well as Lisandra Ordaz repeat among the best of the province, while a group of young figures made their debuts.

Bredny Roque, sixth spot in 69 kg of the Weightlifting Championship and Jorge Luis Pupo, diving board finalist in the World Aquatics Championships, you all know how difficult it is to compete with the best of the world.

Athletes Yarianna Martinez, triple jump golden medal in the World University Championship and Yarisley Silva, Centro-American pole vault champion, could win important titles the coming year, while female baseball player Danisleidis Moreno, has the honour to be the first woman of the province that is selected to the national roster.


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