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December 5th

Hurricane Season ended without harm for Cuba

Only nine tropical storms emerged, of which only three became hurricanes, said Lixion Avila from the U.S. National Hurricane Center. Read More

Music in a friendlier overture between Havana and Washington

Well-known Cuban musicians are being granted visas to perform at U.S. venues in a sign that Obama's administration is quietly promoting cultural contacts as part of a strategy of warmer "people to people" ties with the Communist-run island. Read More

Embargo or blockade?

Cuba says the U.S. embargo keeps medical aid from reaching sick Cubans like this 1-year-old boy at a Havana hospital on Oct. 23.<br /> Read More

December 5th

The largest coffee plantation

The Cuban province of Granma is planning to plant 604 hectares of coffee in 2010, which represents the largest planting of this crop in the last 15 years. Read More

American Choir SANS visiting Cuba

The American Choir SANS, visiting Cuba for the third time, held an exchange and friendly meeting with the Chamber Choir of Matanzas in the cultural community center Abraham Lincoln of this city. Read More

Cuba's Meteorology Congress Tackles Tropical Storms

The Fifth National Meteorology Congress continues in Havana with a session dedicated to tropical storms and weather forecast. Read More

Cuban Parliament Commissions to Start Sessions

Debates from the 12th Peoples'' Power National Assembly''s Standing Committees will begin works on December 16 prior to the new ordinary period of sessions of the Cuban Parliament. The 12 working groups will analyze specific agendas, and listen reports from officials of state organizations invited to this purpose. Read More

Welcome to the New Years Teachers Introduction to Cuba Tour

This tour is the most comprehensive examination of Cuba's remarkable education system available. At the same time it's a rare occasion to imbibe in Latin culture and art, and experience island history, social and ecological achievements first hand. Read More

U.S.-Cuban artists on a friendly stage

A groundbreaking multimedia theater performance created in an unprecedented collaboration between U.S. and Cuban artists was set to debut Friday in Havana. Read More