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December 12th

Teresita Fernández, her art and love to children

Singer and songwriter Teresita Fernández, have been given the 2009 National Music Award, the highest recognition issued by the Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Music Institute. Read More

TV Martí Network a 'Total Waste'

Senator Russ Feingold has called TV Marti a "relic of the Cold War attempts to broadcast radio and TV signals into Cuba that virtually no one tunes in to." Read More

Top Diplomats of Cuba and Mexico Meet

Cuba and Mexico took steps to improve their ailing relations on Friday when their top diplomats met here in the Cuban capital and spoke of the long history the two countries share. Read More

December 11th

South Market demands end of blockade against Cuba

The 38th Summit of the South Market called on Thursday in Uruguay for the lifting of the US blockade of Cuba as well as laws and measures contravening the international law. Read More

Cuba readies for ALBA Summit

Havana is ready to welcome, on December 13 and 14, the heads of state or government of the nine nations that are members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA). Read More

Cuban Health Services Need to be Improved Even More

Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, said in Holguin that it is necessary to maintain and improve health services as a top priority mission. Read More

“Lo que quiero es fiesta” with Orlando Valle (Maraca)

Another masterpiece by the Cuban flautist Orlando Valle (Maraca), who has put out a work including timba, charanga and a little bit of reggaeton and salsa, all brought together in a seamless way. Read More

US Theatre and its bonds with Cuba

Cuban and US artists share the stage in Havana. “It’s very important to attend the world premiere of the play here and as part of the International Film Festival, since half of the artists and producers are from Havana."said Sage Lewis, a promoter of the project Por Amor (For Love). Read More

Jamaican and Cuba towards closer ties

Foreign Minister Kenneth Baugh underscored the strong friendship and cooperation links between his country and Cuba and he called for the strengthening of bilateral relations. Read More

Lies about Racism Unveiled by Cuban Intellectuals

Cuban intellectuals rejected false accusations that their country is a racist society, according to an article recently published by the Miami-based “El Nuevo Herald” newspaper on a “declaration by African Americans in support of the struggle <br /> for Civil Rights in Cuba.” Read More