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Cuba Hosts 59th Marling Fishing Contest
Organizing Committee Chairman Armando Vicente Rodriguez said the National News Agency that Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Guadeloupe, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, US, Costa Rica and Cuba are confirmed.

Rodriguez reminds that France won the two previous contests so a third win will enable them to engrave their names on the Hemingway Cup, a trend the world-famed novelist and seaman began.

Each event has several awards and medals, including those for the first catch and the largest dorado plus a team trophy. A free and optional event on June 4 will honor the writer's life and promoter of the tournament.

The event dates back 1938 when the Santa Cruz Yacht Club organized the first marlin fishing contest of Cuba, followed four years later by the Havana Yacht Club.

In the early 1950s, a group of fans sought support from US writer Ernest Hemingway and named the contest after him.

Cuba became residence of the Nobel Literary laureate for 20 years when he checked-in in Ambos Mundos Hotel, Havana, in 1932.

He moved later to La Vigia Farm, in San Francisco de Paula, current seat of the Hemingway Museum.


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