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The Segunda cita Provisional title of the first major music production by Silvio Rodriguez in 2009
It has the musical base of an acoustic trio, almost a quartet, said the famous author, who pointed out that he also inserted some guitar there.

Silvio invited Roberto Carcasés, Feliciano Arango, Oliver Valdés, to play the piano, the double bass and the drums, respectively, for the Segunda cita that was recorded by the engineer Olimpia Calderón

To this title, which includes rock, ballads, sones and danzones, also contributed as guests the wife of the troubadour, the flute and clarinet player Niurka González Núñez, as well as young talents from the national art schools.

San Petersburgo, a song dedicated to Gabriel García Márquez, a bolero to César Portillo de la Luz, a text by Víctor Heredia, which was added music, and a letter to Violeta Parra, in which he tells his opinions and kisses his children, his friends, are all part of the album, declared Silvio.

Sea señora and Tonada del albedrío will be themes that due to their currency and content will also make the new album huge.

Segunda cita is a song about the false angel that we sometimes carry inside, unveiled Rodríguez Domínguez.


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