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Increase in the international demand of Cuban recording industry
Among the most demanded titles abroad are several albums from the Van Van orchestra, directed by Juan Formell and considered to be the most heard Cuban orchestra abroad.

In the list there are also the CDs Asovi, from the recently deceased folk singer Lázaro Ross, the most famous one of the Cuban akpwones, Bendición de los Orishas with the best salsa players from this country and Clásicos de Cuba by the saxophone player César López.

Some other jewels of folk and traditional music collected in the catalogue of excellence from Bis Music are four albums of well known quality, that have been re-edited several times and with selling records: Los más famosos de Cuba.

This album, produced by Tony Pinelli, collects twenty of the most popular music themes of the country in all times, interpreted by well known personalities such as Pío Leyva, Mundito Gonzáles and Raquel Hernández.

The second album in that collection is a tribute to Chano Pozo. Directed by Jorge Reyes and produced by Germán Velazco, the CD recreates in the voices of star quality singers the most famous pieces by the famous Cuban percussionist.

The third album, El Bárbaro del Ritmo, produced by Emilio Vega, pays tribute to the 80th birthday of the birth of Benny Moré, while Pá Bachatear by Germán Velazco, and collects the virtuosity of singer Mayito Rivera interpreting a selection of hits from the Conjunto Chapotín.

In a special way stands out the album All Star de la Rumba Cubana, a project by Cary Diez and Joaquín Betancourt, initially under the title La Rumba soy yo and where there appear groups that ae representative of the genre in this island such as Yoruba Andabo, Muñequitos de Matanzas, Los Papines and the Conjunto Clave and Guaguancó.

The album –virtually inexistent in the shops- brings together solo singers of the quality of Tata Guines, Mayito Rivera, El Indio and Haila, who interpret a repertoire that goes from anonymous folk music to contemporary pieces.

This album achieved an award in the Best Folk Album category in the second edition of the very important Latin Grammy.

The entering of Adalberto Álvarez to the catalogue of this music company as an exclusive artist has allowed Bis Music to consolidate itself in the more and more competitive world of the son singers, where the son of Rosa Zayas shines with his own light.

The album El Son de Adalberto suena cubano, produced by Joaquín Betancourt, achieved the dance music award in Cubadisco 2002, the most important competition in music industry in the country. Afterwards came from the same author: Para bailar casino, Mi linda habanera and Gozando en la Habana.

Very demanded in the market of collective recordings have been Grandes éxitos, with CDs dedicated to the Charanga Habanera, Yumurí, Haila, Paulo FG, Revé, Van Van and NG la banda.

The diva Omara Portuondo has to be also among the most successful ones. She is the star of the famous project Buena Vista Social Club and one of the most popular Cuban singers. There are also Secretos cantados, by Liuba María Hevia, dedicated to children, among others.


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