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Cuba Launches DVD on Playa Giron Events
In collaboration with Mundo Latino Record Studies, the 52 minute-DVD in Spanish, English, French and German languages, also a documentary film, tackles the events in that region located in the central-south part of Cuba.

The CD that accompanies the DVD is based on a selection of themes that are directly related with the event, as it is the theme "Giron, la Victoria", by Sara Gonzalez, or "Giron, preludio", by Miriam Ramos.

Other themes are "Tierra y libertad", by Joseito Fernandez and "Primero dejar de ser", by Carlos Puebla, "Junto a mi fusil mi son", by Omara Portuondo, accompanied by Manguare group, "Mi nombre es pueblo", by Sara Gonzalez.

Other themes like "Cuba, que linda es Cuba", by Ramon Veloz, "Alla por Giron", by quartet Los Cañas, "Pues que se mude" and "Por alli vinieron", by Carlos Puebla, "Cuba libre", by Merceditas Valdes are also included.


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