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Cuba paid tribute to heroines of the revolution Melba Hernandez and Haydee Santamaria

The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) paid tribute to heroines of the revolution Melba Hernandez and Haydee Santamaria, Granma newspaper reported Read More

For Beijing 24 Cuban Baseball Players Heading

Now that the final cut has been made to the baseball team that will represent Cuba at the Beijing Olympics, it is time to show our confidence in the selection made by our coaches. Read More

Fidel Castro: Machiavelli’s Strategy

Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro stated that the empire does not need for explanations, excuses or pardon. Read More

Government officials from Cuba and Belize are meeting in the African country to discuss ways to enhance bilateral cooperation in

&quot;The relationship with Cuba is extremely valuable to liberate ourselves,&quot; said Wilfred Elrington, Belize’ Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade during the opening session of the Eleventh Joint Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation between the two countries.<br /> Read More

Marcelino Guerra, an outstanding personality of the Cuban music

Every year, due to the bolero tradition, Cienfuegos is selected as one the cities to celebrate the International Festival of Boleros de Oro and as it usually happens there in the venue located in the south centre of Cuba, a special homage is offered to a prominent musician who was born in that province. Read More

Famous Cuban piano player Chucho Valdes Presents the album "Canto a Dios" (Song to God) in Madrid

The album &quot;Canto a Dios&quot; (Song to God), by famous Cuban piano player Jesus &quot;Chucho&quot; Valdes, was presented Wednesday in Madrid, as a tribute to the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina, that devastated the US city of New Orleans in 2005. Read More

Receives Holguín, Cuba, New Equipments for Highway Upgrade

The People’s Power Road Building Company (ECOPP) in Holguin has received new road building equipment to overhaul the provinces highways and byways. Read More

Cuban Circus Readies for the Seventh Circuba Festival

Circus artists and troupes from around the world will be in Cuba for the Seventh Circuba Festival, where Cuban artists have a chance to measure up their skills with their foreign peers.<br /> Read More

Cuba to Host International Event on Geriatrics and Gerontology

Aging and surgery for the elder are some of the topics to be discussed during the GERONTOGER 2008 international event that will take place in Havana on September 16-19. Read More

Sorolla Travels to Malaga from Havana

The Unicaza Foundation has inaugurated the exhibit ‘Sorolla y sus contemporáneos´ (Sorolla and his Contemporaries) –a group of 50 paintings that are currently on display at the Italcable exhibition hall and at the hall of the Economic Society of Friends of the Country until August the 31st .<br /> Read More