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Cuba: Over 3 000 Pinar physicians accomplish internationalist mission

About 3 100 Pinar doctors are currently giving medical assistance in 48 nations of Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Read More

Cuba Replaces Fluorescent Lamps to Save Electricity

Cuba should save over 120,000 tons of oil when the ongoing program to replace 40 Watt fluorescent lamps with 32 Watt ones concludes.<br /> Read More

Over 100 birds in Sierra del Rosario one of the six Biosphere Reserves in Cuba.

The environment of those eastern massifs of Guaniguanico mountain range, formed by two elevation chains, gathers a big potential of endemic, resident and migratory species, visible the whole year or in dependency of weather conditions, according to their category. Read More

Karel De Gucht Belgian Foreign Minister Calls for Release of Cuban Five

In a press release from the Belgian Committee to Free the Cuban Five, the group's president, Katrien Demuynck, states that De Gucht said his country wants to raise awareness among its European neighbours about the case.<br /> Read More

Cuba will cooperate with Guatemala in the implementation of an energy development program

Cuban technicians will work in Guatemala in the implementation of an energy-saving plan by changing incandescent light bulbs for energy saving compact fluorescent ones, sparing the country from spending several millions of dollars a year.<br /> Read More

Cuba: Little Giants for Tourism

In Havana, the country's major tourist destination, there are establishments like the Plaza Hotel, located in the city's historic heart. Read More