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In Cuba: 30 Cinema festival "Latinoamérica Primera Copia"

Nowadays the fund has an equivalent to 150,000 USD that will be contributed by ALBA Cultural Institutions with recognized prestige in the audio visual world and industry will be invited to take part and collaborate in the contribution to the process and industrial support to the institutions.<br /> Read More

In San Francisco Cuban Five Freedom Billboard to be Posted

A huge billboard demanding freedom for five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States will be erected in downtown San Francisco during the month of August. Read More

Cuba's Instituto Superior de Arte -ISA- (Higher Institute of Arts), graduated 239 students

Cuba's Instituto Superior de Arte -ISA- (Higher Institute of Arts), graduated 239 students this year in music, theatre, dance, fine art and media.<br /> Read More

The artistic group Maraguan, from the University of Camaguey, Cuba in Holland

The artistic group Maraguan, from the University of Camaguey, which is an insignia of the Movement of amateur artists of Cuba, ended their performances at the International festival of traditional and folk dances, held from the 18 of June until the 10 of July in several Dutch cities. Read More

In Eastern Cuba First Petrohouses Set up

While eastern Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba gets ready to host the central activities marking  Rebelliousness Day, the first houses made out of oil-derived materials were assembled in the city. Read More

The cuban pianists Ulises Hernandez between human and divine

The famous musicologist Maria Elena Mendiola qualified as creative and generous the gesture of Ulises Hernandez and of all the pianists who took part in the Project, with which it has been possible for the followers of the concert music to see an audio visual product such as “Mozart en La Habana” that was presented in the morning of the 14th of July. Read More

Cuban Foreign Minister Attends Military Discharge Ceremony

The failure of the Bush administration to isolate Cuba was highlighted by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque, as he spoke in the eastern province of Guantanamo at a military discharge ceremony for future diplomats. Read More

Basin of Biggest River in Cuba Receives Better Protection

The sustainable use of the biodiversity and the application of the science and the technological innovation in the bsin of Cauto river, the biggest of Cuba, benefit to one million and one hundred thousand inhabitants in that area, which occupies 9, 540 square kilometers, eight percent of the national territory. Read More