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Between latin and hebrew

Between Latin and Hebrew goes the destiny of the group Ars Nabis, because precisely these two words come from those cultures. Ars is a Latin word which means art and the other term comes from the Hebrew navi, that refers to a prophet in the Hebrew Bible. From these two idiomatic terms, the members of the group wanted to give it a sense of seriousness and commitment. Read More

Ruth a privilege of Cuba

Ruths speech and always agreeable character would let her become younger if she wanted, but this is not the case. She goes really good with the 94 years old she is going to turn this month and transmits us the pride of being the younger sister of Pablo de la Torriente Brau, one of our first internationalist combatants, who fell fighting in Majadahonda during the Spanish Civil War. Read More

Good work by eastern Cuba library

he library in the eastern Cuban province of Guantánamo holds nearly 90,000 books on a wide range of topics. The patrimony of the library, founded in the 1920s, includes books, monographs, magazines and periodicals published in the provincial capital. Read More

New cultural options in Cuba

New cultural options will be implemented in Cuba in June, as part of a strategy to spread stage arts throughout the country. One of the options is the circus show "The One Thousand and One Nights", which was directed and choreographed by Cuban artist Alberto Méndez. Read More

Cuban companies bet on good quality

Cuba's entrepreneurial sector is betting on excellent quality, as part of efforts to increase the competitiveness of its products and services. Read More

Improved primary healthcare in Matanzas

The health system in the western Cuban province of Matanzas has benefited from the inauguration of new facilities to provide primary healthcare. In that regard, more than 36,000 residents in the municipalities of Limonar and Unión de Reyes have benefited from new services at local polyclinics. Read More

Cuba promotes tourist attractions in Argentina

Argentina hosted a fair to promote Cuba's tourist attractions, as part of the Caribbean Island's efforts to increase tourist arrivals. Read More

CultureMundo in the 5th International Congress on Culture and Development.

The 3rd CultureMondo Round Table will have a space in the agenda of the 5th International Congress on Culture and Development in session from yesterday at the Havanas Conventions Hall Centre. Read More

The Marti of Nicosia

Our National Hero will have a place dedicated to his memory in the capital of this island filled of history. Read More

Cuban sets World Record in ball control

A young Cuban footballer kicked the ball 23 times while carrying three times his weight. He is 21 years old, only 1.25 meters tall, and weighs 80 pounds Read More