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The Return of San Juan (the traditional feast of the 18th century) in Camaguey

Carnival in Camaguey comes this year with the day of San Juan, recovering the traditional feast of the 18th century, reported the Cuban News Agency. The ceremony will start from the balconies of the local government building, former Town Hall, as it was done three centuries ago. Read More

Salon and Colloquium on Digital Art concludes in Cuba

Creativity, fun and search livened up the sessions of the Ninth Salon and Colloquium on Digital Art, the end of which was marked on Friday by the exhibition of prize-winning audiovisual works. Read More

National Tournament of Weight Lifting next July 2007 in Las Tunas

The Junior National Olympiad of the Cuban Sport to take place in Las Tunas next July will be headed by Alberto Pupo, who is competing in the Junior World Championship of Weight Lifting, he will also be accompanied by other seven team mates of this territory. Read More

Congenital malformations with a very low index in Cuba. 90% are early diagnosed.

Nearly 90% of congenital malformations, one of the main causes of mortality among children, are diagnosed in Cuba thanks to an efficient infant-maternal program implemented throughout the island. Read More

Coralline as biomaterial for implants in Cuba

Cuban scientific research has developed an effective biomaterial that is capable of reconstructing damaged bone tissue or tissue lost due to congenital causes, from trauma or other types of pathologies. Read More

Cuban son is alive, the 12th National Septet Festival will be held in Havana from June 28 to July 1, 2007

What started as a party for traditional Cuban music, has become the 12th National Septet Festival to be held in Havana from June 28 to July 1 with the participation of 20 groups from 10 provinces. Read More

Drawings among rocks, by Jesus Gastell

When watching his drawings, more than technique- exquisite by the way- you notice a philosophical touch in every one of his works. Jesús Gastell Soto is an artist well known by the cultural project Glermitag, a workshop house that promotes collective and personal painting exhibitions of young artists and those committed to art. Read More

Guije, a different Cuban figure

<span>One of the most famous legend characters in Cuba is the Guije.<span> </span>People use to talk about his existence mainly at the northern part of the island.<span> </span>Telling the true, for many inhabitants of the region, he has gone beyond the bounds of the immaterial world to become a nightmare.</span> Read More

Celorio, who just turned 100 years old is a man beating time

Jose Manuel Celorio Celorio, who turned 100 years old last Sunday (Fathers Day), and he celebrated his birthday surrounded by his four children, six grand-children and the same amount of great grand-children, beisdes, with the satisfaction of knowing that time has not killed his clarity yet. Read More

Succesful results in experimental cuban wind farm

Cuba&#39;s experimental wind farm located in the special municipality of Isle of Youth has saved the island&#39;s economy more than $71,000 dollars over the last four months. According to the head of the project, Evaristo Morales Avila, the windmills produced 643.84 MW/h by the end of May, which represent a saving of some 154.5 tons of fuel oil. Read More